Visual Workflow, our process approach, treats work, communication and data flows as an integrated unit. When we finish designing optimized “to-be” flows, working together with IT we’ve already defined systems architecture and data integration support needs. That’s a big head start on aligning technology to process.

Systems architecture requirements
VW pictograph flow maps identify the presence and role of each technology component, including data flows and communication flows. “To-be” mapping presents a clear picture to IT of systems enhancements required to fully enable desired process.

Application software requirements
VW individual process maps specify required functionality for application software. The mapping portion spells out the sequence, which guides navigation design. The Tasks and Tools columns drill down into specific functionality required. Software vendors frequently tell us we provide the clearest guidance they’ve seen for responding to RFPs – and then for actual configuration. Our approach saves clients very significant investments in software build-outs and saves developers lots of time they’d otherwise spend chasing down information.

For sample maps see the Visual Workflow Guidebook V2.0

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